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To make sure you do not do anything all day except enjoy yourself. One of the best parts about having a FULL wedding team is that you don't have to lift a finger unless its for another bite of cake or more champagne. We want you to relax & enjoy each other. This is the one day everything is truly about both of you. Take complete advantage of this. 

Our Mission

Event Services: Event Services

who our couples are:

Want the feel of a warm and welcoming dinner party but with a really great dance floor ▪ Love turning the lights low and letting the candles light up the room ▪ Want to serve great food without it feeling stuffy ▪ Love the little details that are “so us” ▪ Want to have so much fun that they forget about the rest of the world while they spend the day, laughing and loving, surrounded by the most important people in their lives


Your Wedding day should be all about you. 

What it is like to work with us?

You're Special to us.

No two designs are alike. We feel that each couple is unique. Which means all aspects of your day are customized to fit you. Your vibe, MoJO & Zodiac sign will be taken into account.

We love what we do.

We are passionate about what we do. Creating your day brings us joy & tears. We pride ourselves on loving love as much as you love each other. 

PLus we really know how to throw an amazing party. 

Personal Support System

Whether you need someone to cry to or laugh with. We know this can be stressful. We want you both to know we are just a call, email or text away. Unlimited contact is 100% there. 

Let's choose your Adventure.

  • I am always happy. Even on my worst days I have always been great about finding the sliver lining in any situation. 

  • I always travel at least once a month.. I can't stay off a plane. Who doesn't love $29 deals from frontier?

  • I am a full blooded murderino.. if you know you know. 

  • I could eat sushi everyday of my life.

  • I broke my ankle when I was in Thailand.(You'll need to ask for more details.) 

  • I met the love of my life when I worked at Lake Powell, UT/AZ & now 5 years later we're getting married!

  • My whole family is on the east coast. Mostly Pennsylvania.

       No, I do not miss the cold. 

Let's get a little personal..

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