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A lot of couples are choosing to elope in national and state parks. This style of weddings attracts free-spirited people, looking to have an adventurous wedding day. Don’t feel limited to just national parks, you can have your elopement on the beach, in the city, at an Airbnb, in a vineyard, and my favorite: somewhere that means the most to you both.


Think about it, there are ENDLESS options to where your elopement can be located. I would think about your bucket list destinations, and start from there.



Here are some other questions to think about when finding an elopement location:

What is your favorite season?
What do you like to do while traveling?
What are your top 5 bucket list destinations?
What type of scenery do you like to be surrounded by?
(Mountains, waterfalls, beaches, sand dunes, ocean cliffs, valleys of flowers etc.)




































From desert


Why does location matter? 

A good location can change the entire outlook on your wedding day. Think about it? breathing in the fresh air, shot-gunning a beer off a canyon? These things matter. 

You get a blank canvas.

When having a unique location for your wedding you get tons of memories with it. You can look back at your dress, see the red clay from the zion rocks, have the wildlife come to life at your ceremony, These are the details you'll remember. 

To Wilderness

Budget. Budget. Budget.

Everyone wants to save money right? National park & outdoor Location for your ceremony space/Reception can save you big time. list which means you can spend your budget on a luxury Airbnb or even a honeymoon. 

When & Where

January - March

Brian head 

Snow Canyon

Pine Valley, Winter look

Las Vegas, Red rock

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

August - December

Zion National Park

Capitol Reef National Park

Sand Hollow

Snow Canyon

Pine Valley

Bryce Canyon 


Zion National Park

Capitol Reef National Park

Pine Valley 

Bryce Canyon 

Monument Valley

Park City Utah


-Arches National Park

-Canyonlands National Park

-Dead Horse Point State Park

Year Round Locations:

Utah Olympic Park 

St George, utah

cedar breaks 

Bonneville Salt Flats 

Las Vegas

When looking at all our suggested locations we’ve taken into account things like weather, seasonal road closures, tourist traffic numbers, wildfire season (ugh), and several other factors to come up with what we’ve found is a pretty ideal travel schedule. When looking through this list, consider our own timing a recommendation for when to elope or have your wedding in these locations!

That being said, while we tend to stick to our travel schedule pretty securely, please know that we’re down to hear your ideas and hop on a plane if possible.

We have updated passports and are ready to go!

If you’re hoping to elope somewhere international, or simply outside of our travel suggestions, feel free to reach out and we’ll let you know our availability! 


For the globetrotters looking to leave the country on their wedding day. The world is at your finger tips from a wedding experience on a sailboat in Santorini to a 6-hour sunrise hike in the Italian Alps.

International Elopements & Intimate Weddings

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