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Your Team.

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i"m niki! Born and Raised in central Pennsylvania.  I found that the beautiful best coast, west coast was calling my name. When During my senior year of college, i was offered an internship at lake Powell in page AZ.  after spending the summer there i decided that i needed the desert in my life. Fast forward 6 years years later, now I have a wonderful fiance, two crazy pups and life could not be better.

Through all my years of working in events, I constantly found myself coming back to creating and planning.  I had a planner in my bag at all times. I found a passion for weddings while looking for my life "purpose." i took a corporate position working full time as a creative service manager, designing and planning Corporate events  although i loved my full time job, i felt an element was missing.  so i spent my time on weekends, with local wedding planners assisting in elements and full service wedding coordination.

You'll be shocked

through my years of wedding experience, I've found the most important aspect of a wedding is making sure that your coordinator is just as invested in your big day as you are. so, Don't be surprised when you see my pocket full of tissues, because, for me watching two lives join together is always emotional and beautiful.


Owner & Designer


Everyone needs someone to be the light of their world.. Well these two are my world. Koda, mix mutt german shepherd, is 4 years old & a wild woman. Sadie is her best friend & if you can tell me what kind of breed she is you have solved the absolute mystery of all time. From moving back & forth from Las Vegas to Austin TX, & THEN back again these pups can put up with anything.

You'll be cuddled

They are great witnesses for any wedding.. But what they are best at is finding unique locations. We have roamed from the Red Rocks of Zion to the forests of Pine Valley to find you the perfect location that is unique to you. 

Adventure Scouts

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Koda & Sadie

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